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Crypto Exchange Platforms

Thinking of doing your own business?

We offer full package solutions. First of all you need to decide in which countries do you plan to work. Crypto exchanges can operate without a license in some of the countries, however being a regulated crypto business is easier to set up a partnership with financial authorities. Most of banks and acquirers do not accept non regulated crypto exchange platforms.

The most popular licenses are Estonian and Maltese.

First of all you need to incorporate a company and to open a bank account and only after that you can prepare an application for obtaining the license.
You need to prepare a business plan and to collect all required documents, it is also required to go to the interview with the regulator.
The director of the company and AML officer need to be feet and proper.
After a license has been approved you can proceed with technical work like choosing the right platform and outsource AML online screening programs.
The next step is to integrate payment methods into your platform.
Now you are ready to start your business!

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